Get Started on Trail Running

Taking ‘run for the hills!’ literally 

Going for a run is one of the most accessible forms of exercise, but running the same concrete path could get stale and predictable. Trail running pairs running and nature together to offer a one of a kind experience. 


Getting Started

Trail running is generally described as going on a run up and down the hills and passing by lush foliage and trees. However, trial running is more than that. Trail running brings runners deep into the forests, immersing them in serene nature.

Similar to running, trail running requires a lot of stamina and focus. Starting your journey uphill would demand a lot of energy from the runner, hence do not be afraid to start your run with a brisk walk, especially when you are going uphill. 

Since trail running would require you to be whizzing past different and uneven paths, focusing on where to land your next step is crucial in order to prevent any major injuries. Knowing your chosen trail beforehand could help in identifying the conditions of the paths and it would also help you get familiarised with the area. 



A basic necessity for trail running would be the shoes. Road running shoes are fine if you are still testing the waters, but if you do venture into the sport further, purchasing a pair of trail running shoes would be handy. 

As for attire, something light and breathable is perfect for trail running. Though the paths would be quite rugged, so as a precaution, wear clothing that you won’t be afraid to get dirty or snagged during the run.  

Do not forget to stay hydrated! Trail runs can get hot and, depending on the trail you choose, could be a long journey so make sure to have a bottle of water during your runs! 

Trail running is much more enjoyable with a partner or group! Not only will you be able to look out for each other, but you would get to experience nature as a collective.

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