Get started on Rock Climbing

Ready to get your hands dirty with chalk?

Dust your hands with chalk and start climbing! Over recent years, rock climbing has become a cult favourite amongst the youths of Singapore. Rock climbing may sound like an activity to fulfil your superhero dreams, but it takes more than your spider-senses to get up the wall!

Getting Started

Rock climbing combines physicality and mentality, having you hold on tight to the nooks and crannies while having you do a tiny bit of problem solving along the way.

To start off your rock climbing journey, be sure to wear something comfortable and flexible. Attires that restrict your movements can pull you back from reaching the top of the board.

You don’t need much to get your start in climbing, but having some research and and basic fitness prepping could go a long way! Now, rock climbing may seem like you would need a lot of upper-body strength but on the contrary, a focus on your legs and feet would suffice for beginners.

As mentioned, rock climbing doesn’t just work your body, but your mind as well. While ascending, you would have to study and assess which route would best work for you. Whether you prefer to take the easy way up or the safest route, all depends on how well you read your route.



Rock climbing is more about the individuals’ techniques rather than their brute strength. Yes, having upper-body strength can be of great advantage while climbing but managing your balance, footwork, and movement while climbing is one of the greatest feats of all.

It is best to look for a mentor that could spot you while you’re up on the wall. What are you waiting for? Get climbing!

By Julia Lachica

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