Get Started On Ice Climbing

The climb is about to get chilly! 

A growing sport amongst sports enthusiasts and adventurers, ice climbing is an activity not to be messed with. Similar to rock climbing, this chilling pursuit is paired with harsh cold winds and ice. Here are some tips on how you can get your icy expedition started! 

Photo by: Robert Baker

Gear Up 

Ice climbing may be similar to rock climbing, but ice climbing needs a few added gears and apparel for you to stay safe and warm during your climb up the top. Apart from the essential climbing equipment, ice climbing requires unique apparatus such as technical ice axes, leashes for the axes and ice screws. 

Do not forget to bundle up as well! Ice climbing requires the climbers to be in extremely cold weather for a long period of time and to be face to face with the ice wall, so be sure to wear heavy-duty winter apparel and layer up! 

Join A Group

Climbing up a huge wall of ice can be daunting at first, but doing it with a group of people that are keen to learn the tricks of the trade can be less intimidating. 

Different countries have their own take on ice climbing. Dependent on the temperature and the difficulty level , tours and programmes for ice climbing differ on how they conduct their lessons. 

Be sure to  constantly check beforehand whether the tour or programme you are eyeing for ice climbing is available. These tours can be sensitive to temperature and elevation as an added measure of safety. 


A Unique Workout 

Just like rock climbing, ice climbing will test your physical and mental strength during your ascent. Climbing up the wall of ice would require the climber to have good core strength to pull themselves up and be very perceptive to determine every move they make during the climb.

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