Free Public Transport for Children under 11 in Paris

Europe has always been a pricey destination to visit. But now, Paris intends to help families cut costs in getting around the city. Starting in September 2019, children under 11 (even non-Parisians) will get to enjoy free public transport in Paris. This marks a step in the Mayor’s plan toward making public transport free for all.


Additionally, this new move allows people with disabilities under age 20 to ride for free. Elementary, high school and university students will enjoy half-off their Imagine’R travel passes. People between ages 14 and 18 will now get to use the city’s bike system for free, as part of a plan to make downtown Paris cleaner and more pedestrian-friendly.


Paris is undergoing ‘pedestrianization’ with the number of car lanes reduced and certain vehicles banned from the roads. Greater access to public transit as planned also contributes to this bigger picture in mind for the city.


Not just Paris, some other cities like Berlin have also implemented free rides for children, as reported by Lonely Planet.

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