Forget Machu Picchu, Laguna 69 Is The Gem Of Peru

Laguna 69 Hike Huascaran National Park Ancash, Peru

Peru is a land full of legendary landmarks and whimsical wonders, from Machu Picchu to the Nazca Lines, but nothing quite promises the utter bliss and adventure Laguna 69 does. Hushed away deep in the mountains of the Ancash region and close to the city of Huaraz, this lake of unrivalled beauty requires a 3 hour hike up, and 2 hours down, a long with a 9 hour bus ride if you are travelling from Lima, Peru’s capital city.



Laguna 69 is 4600 meters above sea level, meaning that it will take you roughly a day or two to acclimate in order to avoid the altitude sickness that many travelers often fall victim too. If you do not have the time to acclimate, fear not, the guides will provide coca leaves to chew on which profusely aids against any unwanted symptoms. But many previous hikers recommend you purchase more of these before beginning the hike for added support, which can be found at any market in Peru.



During the bus ride up, your bus will stop at Llanganuco Lakes, which offers waters as blue as those in Laguna 69. Take a break here and enjoy a light snack that you’ve packed while you marvel at the pristine beauty.


Llanganuco Lakes


The trail itself is known to be relatively easy to trek for it lacks too much rocky terrain and little climbing. You’ll be joined by a variety of farm animals on the first part of your journey, from cows, donkeys and others. The most intense segment of the hike occurs in the final half an hour, where the altitude causes breathing to be tough and the terrain steepens. But when you reach the end… it’s all worth it.



As a tourist from Singapore, no visa is needed for Peru, but simply just a passport that has a minimum of 6 months validity before entry.

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