Five Of The Best American Fast Food Joints (That You Don’t Get In Singapore)


No one does affordable Mexican better than iconic Taco Bell, from their legendary customisable Crunchwrap Supremes to their delicious bite size churros, they really has something for everyone.



No one does chicken better than Chick-Fil-A. Their famous chicken sandwiches are a MUST try. You will be given a huge range of sauce packets; from Buffalo to Polynesian sauce, giving you the power to arm your burger with a different flavour every bite!


In And Out

This Cali fast-food chain offers beyond delicious and affordable burgers and shakes. Well, that is if you can brave their famously long lines! This restaurant is only found in a few states though, which are California, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, Utah and Oregon!



This mexican-grill named after a smoked hot chilli pepper is widely known for their fully customisable and affordable burritos, tacos and salads!

Denny’s Diner

This diner serves everything you can imagine! Pancakes to salmon to burger and nachos. Though it is most famous for its crazy huge breakfasts which ensures you’ll get your fill!


Here are the need to know essentials if you’re planning on visiting the USA:


Visiting The USA? Here Are The Essentials You Need To Know.


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  1. Ken B on February 21, 2019 at 2:32 am

    Culvers would be on my list as well… something about their butter burgers and cheese curds. Mmmm, mmm , mmm.

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