Exploring Antigua and Barbuda

Positioned where the Atlantic and Caribbean seas meet is a tropical paradise. Made up of two large islands and numerous smaller islands is the country of Antigua and Barbuda. It is home to innumerable reef-lined beaches, secluded coves, historical artefacts and rainforests.

The quintessential island life is encapsulated in large stretches of white sand sprawled across glittery blue waters. Combined with bright-eyed friendly locals and an amazing cuisine, it is no wonder tourists flock over each year to get lost in the blissful settings. From swimming with stingrays to diving in The Cades Reef, here is how you can spend your holidays on the sister islands.


Diving and snorkelling 


credits to: Ron Kroetz


Because of its location, the sister islands are the beau idéal of water activities. Choose from one of many coral reefs and inlets to plunge into and experience the spectacular views underwater. 5 minutes from Hodges Bay, Antigua, find yourself on Prickly Pear Island. Spend a day lazing by the water’s edge or pick up some gear and snorkel in the clear waters. Spot a variety of fishes and other marine animals whizzing past you!


Swim with Stingrays 


Stingray City


One of the most famous activities offered on the islands is the opportunity to swim with stingrays. Take a boat out to Stingray City and bask in the excitement of getting these gentle creatures to glide towards you. Used to human presence, the southern stingrays will come close and allow you to interact with them! Stingray City is a small sandy lagoon with a low water level. There, wander off the more commercial areas and get to spot shoals of barracudas and boxfish too! As gentle as stingrays might be, they have a fearsome sting that can be fatal so do not provoke them or step on them! Also, as Stingray City is a privately owned site, tours have to be engaged with the company that owns the site. 


Zip through a Rainforest


credits to: Island Routes


Step inland and immerse yourself in the spectacular flora and fauna. Feel your heart beating against your chest and the adrenaline pumping through your veins. Equally renowned for its rainforest, tour companies in Antigua offers tourists the opportunity to zip through dense canopies. Enjoy a panoramic view of the rainforest as the wind whips against your face. Island Routes offers a Rainforest Canopy Adventure where you can get to zip around 52 feet in the air across 12 lines, embark on a 9 element challenge course. 


Hike up to Boggy Peak



Yes, Boggy Peak! Start at the base of Shekerley Mountains, in Antigua, and head up a vertical distance of 1,319 ft to the peak where you will be greeted with amazing views. The area is steeped in history. It was used to house plantations during periods of slavery. More recently, it was named Mount Obama (you read it right!) to commemorate the achievements of the former U. S. President Barack Obama in 2009. The name was changed back to Boggy Peak in 2016!

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