Expedition Canoeing

Row yourself into an adventure!

Credit to Nick Stanley


The adrenaline finally wears off as your vessel starts to rest. You close your eyes as you let the cool wind carry your thoughts into the breeze. The soft waves rock your vessel steadily, lacking the aggression you had half-expected. You finally open up your eyes, to slowly take in the breath-taking beauty of your surroundings. 

Where were you? Did you let your mind take you to the lush rainforests of Borneo? Or did it bring you to the stunning grandeur of the Scandinavian glaciers? Wherever it went, we believe you should follow and row!


Knowing Your Canoe

Canoes have existed as a form of water transportation for the longest time. It is of no surprise that canoes are now seen in the world of competitive sports or on expeditions all around the world. 

Unlike Kayaks, Canoes typically have a more open deck and are wider, which allow for more stability. This means that you get more space for food and gear on longer trips. Be sure to understand the weight limits of your canoe before your trip or you’d be in deep water!


Getting Started

Before going on your trip, there are a few more things you’d have to keep in mind! While you’re most likely to start off on a guided tour, understanding the effects of distance, terrain and weather on your trip would play a huge part in helping you physically (and mentally) prepare. 

Knowing the distance you’re about to row would allow you to gauge how long the expedition might take. This will be an indicator of how much food and gear you should be packing. As much as we wouldn’t want to be left hungry, lugging unnecessary weight at every portage is not a fun idea either! 

Understanding these factors would also point you towards the right training regime to condition your body for the trip. If you think you might need the right Canoe training, Singapore Canoe Federation would be a brilliant place to get started.


Remember, proper preparation is key to a great adventure!

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