Empyrean Paradise

The Bahamas – a maritime haven perfect for a chill time out.

SITUATED OFF the Florida coast, the archipelago is made up of around 700 islands and more than 2400 cays. Once a playground for pirates, the turquoise waters and white sandy beaches make the area an ideal spot to loosen up and unwind. Here are some of the best experiences on offer in the Bahamas.

Swimming with Pigs

Fancy dipping in the waters and floating amongst these adorable pigs? Residing in the largely uninhabited Big Major Cay, many legends exist as to how they ended up in the Bahamas. Here, you can interact freely with them and marvel at the unique sight of the animals enjoying themselves in the crystal clear waters.

Diving in Andros

Divers would want to head to the island of Andros, which possesses a variety of interesting dive sites. Access the world’s third longest barrier reef, Andros Barrier Reef, here, home to around 160 species of coral and fish. Admire the brimming marine diversity and natural rock formations as you experience a breathtaking wall dive off the deep Tongue of the Ocean. Channel your inner intrigue as you discover the mysterious blue holes and the mystifying shipwrecks.

Magical Eleuthera

This thin, pretty archipelago houses plenty of beautiful attractions. Bask in blissful romance as you saunter along the Pink Sand Beach (yes, literally pink sand) on Harbour Island. Set out on an expedition as you explore the many caves that dot Eleuthera. Be amazed as you stand on the Glass Window Bridge and witness two different imperial shades of the clear blue waters on either side of the “bridge”.

Photo: Rudiger Stehn

Fun Fact

The official bird of The Bahamas is the West Indian Flamingo. As you journey around the country, you might be able to spot these pink-coloured animals.

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