El Diablo – The Volcanic Restaurant

Spain is full of wonders, from the Costa Del Sol beaches to Barcelona’s magnificent architecture. But one thing just as phenomenal and a little beyond ordinary is El Diablo, or otherwise known as the restaurant which sits atop a an active volcano.

Found in Timanfaya National Park, the restaurant serves a selection of meats and fish, all cooked over a tremendous hole which continually emits burst of 450 degree celsius geothermal heat… in others words, very very hot air.  If you don’t believe them, El Diablo offers a tour of the kitchen where you can witness the process in which the food is cooked.

Tourists flock to this region solely for these volcanic meats, but the restaurant offers more than just that. A complete 360 panorama view of Timanfaya’s Fire Mountains are visible as you eat, so consider an amazing meal and a gorgeous view a given! Anxious that the volcano will erupt conveniently while you’re there? Worry not, scientists are very certain that it won’t erupt anytime soon as it last erupted in 1824. So pack your bags and keep your stomach empty!

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