Editor’s Choice: The Great Himalayan National Park


 To end off the 7 days we spent whizzing around the globe, we are picking out our favourite UNESCO World Heritage Sites. I have to admit that I am incredibly biased towards waterbodies and mountains. The feel of water against my skin or crisp cold air billowing in my face is incomparable. Puerto Princesa, an earlier feature, has been pinned onto my bucket list for eons. Today’s feature, The Great Himalayan National Park was ticked off when I visited Himanchal Pardesh two years ago. 


Sprawled over an area of 754 sq km, this National Park is a sight to behold during the first snowfall. As I treaded through the valleys and waded in the snow, I allowed myself moments to pause. The sun hit my skin as I sunk my hands into the snow, taking in the feel of ice against my skin. My fingers did turn blueish after! Knowing that I walked through an important piece of geological history was hard to wrap my head around. Until today, I revisit the memories, hoping to relive them one more time.


In this feature, let me take you on a visual journey to experience the breathtaking views. Maybe, it will be pinned onto your bucket list too. 














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