Divers Ahoy, Bahrain’s Opening The World’s Largest Underwater Theme Park

A monstrous 70-meter-long Boeing 747 will find a new home amid the watery depths of the Persian Gulf just off the coast of Bahrain. This is no accident; the body of the jet is set to be the centrepiece of a 25-acre underwater extravaganza Bahrain plans to unveil in summer 2019.


It claims it will become, upon completion, the world’s largest eco-friendly underwater theme park. Hoping to draw divers and explorers from around the globe, Bahrain intends to make this a safe haven for artificial coral reefs and submerged art sculptures made from eco-friendly materials.


The theme park will feature a replica of a traditional Bahraini pearl merchant’s house for a diving trip down culture lane. Amid protests from environmentalists that the sunken jet could instead harm the marine ecosystem in introducing metal and its potential corroded pollutants into the waters, the theme park’s authorities maintain otherwise.


While the structure provided by the plane helps construct artificial reefs, its metallic materials would likely be prone to corrosion and affect marine life in years to come. To that, Bahrain Tourism and Exhibition Agency assures the public that the specific preparation of the aircraft (high pressure wash with bio-friendly detergents) will ensure its environmental sustainability.

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