Durian: Is It Really The King of Fruits?

‘Tastes like heaven; smells like hell’ – this is how most people would describe durian, the ‘king of fruits’.  The durian war still continues until today with people either absolutely loving the fruit or despising it with a passion. Durians are so notorious for its smell that it is banned…

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5 Most Scenic Hikes in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is home to some of the most beautiful mountains in the world with absolutely stunning views. This is your curated (short, but sweet) list of hikes for you to embark on your next travel adventure. These picturesque hikes in the Southeast Asian region will leave you feeling like…

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Nature's Fiery Fury

Nature’s Fiery Fury

Photo: Petr Novak Elemental pits of flames and fire. THE PROSPECT OF TRAVERSING AN ACTIVE VOLCANO is certain to send a blaze down your spine. Yet, the coadunation of the unprecedented thrill of facing the incendiary elements, and the unparalleled rustic grace of Earth’s creations, is a smouldering experience like no…

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Indonesia’s Komodo National Park to Close for a Year

The Komodo National Park, situated within the Lesser Sunder Islands of Indonesia, is due to close to tourists for a year. Local authorities announced the closure of the popular park last Friday, citing the need to increase the population of Komodo dragons and deer. An official detailed timeline for the…

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Bali Imposes Tourist Tax

Foreign tourists travelling to Bali will soon have to pay a US$10 tourist tax. The proposed move by the provincial government is part of efforts to develop the Indonesian island. Revenue from the tourist tax would be used to finance programmes aimed at conserving the environment and Balinese culture. Local…

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