Take a swing at Canyoning

Suit up and let the adrenaline rush begin!

Having recently come under the spotlight in many adventurers’ bucket lists, Canyoning is an adventure activity that combines rock and water activities perfectly! From hiking to swimming, Canyoning is an outdoor venture that is ideal for everyone. So suit up and let the adrenaline rush begin!


Getting Started

Despite Canyoning being a relatively easy activity that is suitable for all ages, it is still recommended that the individual have some sort of basic fitness training beforehand!

The last issue, we talked about the basics of rock climbing. Well, you’re in luck! Canyoning incorporates rock climbing, hiking, and abseiling. This exhilarating escapade requires the individual to have the stamina to get to the top of the canyon while carrying their necessary equipment. 

Canyoning also involves swimming! One of the most electrifying quests in Canyoning is the part where you have to rappel down the canyon and into the waters of the beautiful gorge of the beautiful gorge. The gorges are usually deep pools, so being well skilled even in the simplest swimming strokes can help you out when you take that big leap. 

Canyoning is a great way to see what nature has to offer up close, Going on an adventure in some places many do not have access to and seeing the beauty it holds. 



A basic essential that an individual needs to have before Canyoning is a wetsuit. Typically, wetsuits that have some kind of padding on the elbows and knees would be ideal. The padding would serve as extra cushioning for safety when you go up the canyon. 

Next on the list, will be a good and sturdy pair of shoes. There are now plenty of Canyoning-specific apparel out in the market, but as long as your shoes have a good grip, made to be in water, and have great ankle support, you are good to go! 

Last but not least, if you are getting into Canyoning for the very first time, make sure to find a reliable and qualified operator to guide you! Not only will you be safe, you will also be able to tackle more difficult obstacles that you encounter while gaining more insight and knowledge on the techniques and the area as well.



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