Bask In the Galápagos Highland View

The Galápagos Islands, a province of Ecuador, is an area globally renowned for its abundance of fauna and flora. The Galápagos boasts a total of 13 islands, which are all equally unique as they are stunning.The general climate of the islands are subtropical as it is situated in the Pacific Ocean either side of the equator.


Where Is The Highland View? 

The Highland View is located on the island of Santa Cruz. This island is the second largest, yet the most populated of all the Galápagos Islands. The View is a half an hour bus trip from Puerto Ayora, the largest town in the Galápagos with over 12,000 residents residing in the town.


What To Do?

The Highland View claims a variety of different activities to satisfy every visitor.

  • Have your fill of adrenaline by taking a ride on the magic swing. This huge swing hangs on the sturdy branch of a tree and allows those who ride it to fly back and forth over the cliff below them.
  • Indulge in a 90 to 120 minute trail and fall into the trance of the breathtakingly vibrant flowers you’ll witness while on it. The terrain here can sometimes be a little muddy so be sure you dress appropriately!  
  • Take pictures of the panoramic view of the stunning tree tops which stretch across the island.
  • Admire the wonder at Los Gemelos, a pair of volcanic craters wrapped in beautiful greenery. Choose to stay at the lookout or walk the trail around it.
  • Have a taste of local living in the small town of Bellavista. Here you will find comfy cafes and unique shops.
  • Explore the vast Lava Tunnel Lagoons. The tunnels are located near Bellavista and are roughly a 2km journey. Admission will only set you back roughly $3 and it is highly recommended that you bring a light.
  • Children will more than love to befriend and feed a variety of animals the local farm has on offer.
  • Feeling a bit sporty? Bike, swim and kayak on the famous and beautiful Garrapatero Beach.  



What Foods Are Available? 

Nearly all food in the Highland View area is sourced from the local 70 hectare farm, especially the fruits and vegetables. Enjoy a meal at a comfortable Ecuadorian style restaurant owned by the farm which offers organic coffee amongst fresh meats, fish, plantains, avocados and much more to choose from.


How To Get There? 

Upon landing in the main Galápagos airport on Baltra island, you will be able to take a free bus  ride to the ferry station, then pay a small fee for the ferry trip to Santa Cruz island. You then have the option to either pay for a bus trip to the main town Puerto Ayora or choose the easier, yet more pricey option, a taxi. From here, a half an hour bus trip will bring you to the great Highland View to experience the excellence it has on offer first hand.

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