Balkan Biking

A new cross-border biking trail, dubbed the Trans Dinarica, is set to open up. The 2000 kilometre route would cut through eight countries in the Balkans.

The adventure begins in Soca Valley, Slovenia, and would wind through Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia and Macedonia.

The mountain bike trail mostly encompasses dirt roads and single tracks, along the Dinaric Alps mountain range and the Sharr Mountains.

Embarking on what would prove to be an extraordinary journey, would bring one through many unique experiences. Bikers can appreciate the stunning Adriatic Sea, as well as the many gorgeous mountain landscapes along with the alpine lakes and rivers. UNESCO sites and villages also lie along the trail, which means there is room for sightseeing, heritage exploring and food hunting.

The route was moulded after the Via Dinarica hiking trail, which passes through the same eight countries and covers approximately 1200 miles. Three tourism organisers from Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina collaborated and kick-started the project in 2016, with the aim of merging a quality mountain biking experience with the area’s traditions

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