Bali Imposes Tourist Tax

Foreign tourists travelling to Bali will soon have to pay a US$10 tourist tax.

The proposed move by the provincial government is part of efforts to develop the Indonesian island. Revenue from the tourist tax would be used to finance programmes aimed at conserving the environment and Balinese culture.

Local officials are still debating if the levy would be imposed as part of airline fees, or to be collected at special counters at the airport. According to the Jakarta Post, the former method would be preferred, with the help of airlines.

Only foreign tourists heading to the renowned island would be subject to the tax. Domestic tourists would not be levied.

Approximately 5.7 million tourists visited the popular holiday destination in 2017. Figures for 2018 were expected to exceed 6 million.

Known for their pristine beaches, the province has recently been facing increasing sea and beach pollution. Just last month, Bali banned single-use plastics, which include shopping bags and straws, with the aim of reducing the amount of plastics in their natural environment by 70 percent in a one year span.

Bali is not the first tourist hotspot to impose levies on visitors. Just weeks ago, Japan begun collecting “sayonara tax” of 1000 yen. 

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