In Pictures: Antelope Canyon in Arizona

Formed by the wear of rushing water through the rocks over many years, Antelope Canyon was born. Located on Navajo land east of Page in Arizona, Antelope Canyon has become one of the most visited slot canyons in the world. 

What starts off as a tiny crack created by flash floods grow overtime to become slot canyons. Although canyons like the ever-so-famous Grand Canyon are marvelled at for its astounding grandeur, what’s striking about this one is unlike many others. 

Its wave-like structure and completely unique rock formation are what draws travellers to this novel destination. Above the streambed, the walls of Antelope Canyon rise to above 120 feet. As the light begins to pour into the canyon through the slots, formations and patterns of all sorts begin to emerge and come to light. 

Unlike what most would consider the ‘golden hour’ at sunset, Antelope Canyon’s golden hour surprisingly hits at ten in the morning. Light beams peering through the Canyon’s crevices make for a celestial sight to behold, making it a top spot for photographers. 

As Antelope Canyon is only accessible by tour, make sure to do your research and come prepared. The Canyon is protected by the Navajo Nation and became a sacred monument for the tribe when it became a Navajo Tribal Park in 1997. Let us take a peek into one of the world’s most wondrous natural formations.

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