The World’s Tallest Waterfall: Angel Falls, Venezuela

If you’ve seen the 2009 Pixar Animation Studios Original Film, ‘Up’, then the Angel Falls might look familiar to you. Found in the country of Venezuela, the majestic Angel Falls is Canaima National Park’s prized treasure. 

Canaima National Park covers a mighty three million hectares in southeastern Venezuela and is an absolute haven for Venezuelan wildlife, thrill and adventure. The national park is home to wild animals such as jaguars; monkeys; and giant armadillos, and other stunning sights to behold such as caves and even more waterfalls. 

But the main event of Venezuela’s second-largest National Park, which draws travellers from all corners of the globe is none other than the glorious Angel Falls.

About Angel Falls

Located in the Guina Highlands in the state of Bolívar, the Salto Angel, or Angel Falls has reigned as the world’s tallest waterfall. The falls soar at 979 metres high, with the longest uninterrupted drop at 807 metres. 

It plunges from a flat-surfaced plateau, Auyán-Tepu, better known as the “Devil’s Mountain”, and hardly touches the surface of the mountain, making it the longest interrupted drop of any waterfall in the world. 

If you need a visual to help you picture just how tall this mammoth waterfall is, it’s approximately three times as tall as the Eiffel Tower in Paris and fifteen times the height of the Niagara Falls – located in between the Canadian province of Ontario and US state, New York.

What To Know Before Visiting

Canaima Bay

Photo by Stig Nygaard

One incredibly important thing to note is that there is no way possible to enter Canaima National Park is by foot or automobile. There are absolutely no roads travelling to the town of Canaima. So, how on earth do you even get to the Angel Falls? The answer: flying. In order to reach the falls, one has to take a plane from Ciudad Bolívar or Puerto Ordaz to Canaima. From there, you’d have to take a boat ride to get to the falls. Quite the journey, don’t you think?

Canaima Bay

Photo by Stig Nygaard

But it’s just as much about the journey as it is about the destination. The unique plane and boat ride offer quite the view on its own. But although the journey to the top of the Falls may be quite the pilgrimage, it will all start to make sense the moment you catch sight of this monumental, natural wonder.

Photo by David Kjelkerud

It is literally heaven on earth – the grandeur of the Angel Falls will leave you amazed for days. While the Angel Falls is what everyone comes to see, the entire region offers so much more. The place is a sanctuary filled with mountains surrounding you, lagoons, rivers, and even more smaller waterfalls. Be sure to add Angel Falls, Venezuela into your bucket list of places to visit before you die – you wouldn’t want to miss this.

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