An Artistic Escapade

Above: Photo courtesy of Rod Waddington.

Las Pozas

Extraordinary. Surreal. Otherworldly.

Hidden within the lush natural greenery of the relatively unfamiliar (at least, living in this part of the world) Mexican town of Xilitla, lies the keenly stunning landscape of Las Pozas.

Above: Photo courtesy of Rod Waddington.

Poet, Architect

The creation of the British poet and artist Edward James, this incredibly imaginative garden is certain to captivate. Oh, to captivate is probably an understatement. Be prepared to be whisked into a whole new world of fantastical reverie.

The aforementioned linguist is probably uncommonly heard of in a society where the Math and the Science dominate the education spectrum, but he was a greatly influential figure in the literary and aesthetic world. A dedicated, passionate, and bold patron of the surrealism movement, he was a tremendous supporter and close confidante of Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte, game changing representatives of the surrealist motion. Check

Above: Photo courtesy of Bernardo Bolaños. Below: Photo courtesy of Rod Waddington.

A figure of relatively high social class, the former Eton and Oxford student found himself residing in Mexico by the 1940s. Having acquired a plantation in Xilitla, he began growing a collection of exotic plants and vegetation, which, in a remarkable twist of fate, got almost wiped out by an unprecedented spell of frost in 1962.

That was the key motivation behind the Mexican garden we see today. Determined to create something that would stand strong in any weather, for the next twenty years, till his death in 1984, he channelled his efforts and resources (using the help of many, many artists) and money (at that time, 5 million dollars, which is by all means no small sum) into crafting his version of the Garden of Eden.

Above (both): Photos courtesy of Rod Waddington

Surrealist Landscape

Las Pozas, pools in Spanish, was borne. It is a place of striking beauty. Vividly sculpted constructions blend masterfully with the scenic earthly terrain. Mystical, dreamlike arrangements amalgamate harmoniously not only with the abundant flora, but also with the watery surrounds.

It is as if you have delved into a magical paradise. Shangri-La. The Jungle Book came alive, or the animated verse of the ground breaking adventure video game Uncharted in real life.

Above: Photo courtesy of Pavel Kirillov. Below: Photo courtesy of Rod Waddington.

It is 3-dimensional artwork of his personal fabrication. A visualisation forged out of his sheer imagination. In almost every corner of Las Pozas, he stayed true to his ideals.

surrealism:  the principles, ideals, or practice of producing fantastic or incongruous imagery or effects in art, literature, film, or theater by means of unnatural or irrational juxtapositions and combinations. Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Quixotic concoctions mesh with blooming vegetation. Whimsical craft entangle with the expressive background. Lucid, dynamic, memorable.

Dreamlike, yet alive.

Above: Photo courtesy of Esteban Romero. Below: Photo courtesy of Rod Waddington.

Useful Information

Address: Camino Paseo Las Pozas s/n, Barrio La Conchita, 79902 Xilitla, S.L.P., Mexico

Opening Hours: 0900H to 1800H (Note: Maximum Capacity of 800 guests)

Entrance Fees: 50 pesos

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