Reimagine Wellness Travel with Align Holistic Fitness

Combining fitness and wellness with travel – what’s not to love? Wellness tourism has become a rising trend that’s taking the world by storm amongst tourists, which blends wellness and travel into one itinerary. At Align Holistic Fitness, they manage to execute this seamlessly.

About Align Holistic Fitness

Based in Bali, Indonesia, Align Holistic Fitness is a wellness company that operates on the philosophy that fitness is just as much about mental wellness as it is about enhancing one’s physical well-being. Through their various programmes and wellness retreats, their aim is to turn exercise into a lifestyle, that improves your physical condition while strengthening the focus of the mind as well.

Partnership with Ultimate Indonesia Yachts

Align Holistic Fitness in collobaration with Ultimate Indonesia Yachts

In collaboration with Ultimate Indonesian Yachts, Align Holistic Fitness is elevating the wellness experience and taking it up a notch. Bigger and better. As the two companies join forces, this collaboration between Align Holistic Fitness and Ultimate Indonesian Yachts offers Pilates Fitness Retreats aboard luxury boats that will sail across the incredibly breathtaking Indonesian archipelago.

The experience

This wellness experience is nothing short of promising. The retreats are jam-packed with a wide array of adventure activities ranging from stand-up paddleboarding; kayaking around the Indonesian islands; as well as scuba diving! Did we mention that you will also have the chance to climb a volcano?

Top-notch cuisine

Just because you’re on a wellness retreat, does not mean you will not be pampered with just about the best cuisine possibly imagined. Aboard each vessel is incredibly top-notch chefs that prepare fresh meals daily, made specifically for your taste and dietary needs.

The Beautiful Indonesian Islands

Labuan Bajo | Photo by Celvin Purnama

The Indonesian archipelago is home to some of the most breathtaking destinations in the Southeast Asian region. With 17,500 islands to explore, it could be quite the challenge to pick the perfect destination for you. But Align Holistic Fitness has created and curated several itineraries for you to choose from for your dream wellness voyage.

Wellness Retreat to Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park

One of their most sought-after retreats is their 7D6N Wellness Retreat to Komodo National Park in the picturesque island of Flores. As participants are sailing across this beautiful island, a range of fun-filled activities await. This week-long sojourn begins in Labuan Bajo, where they will then set sail to the outskirts of Komodo National Park. You will then be able to marvel at its untouched beauty whilst enjoying a hearty meal on deck.

Rinca Island, Indonesia

On day two of the retreat, participants will visit Komodo’s neighbouring Island, Rinca, to witness the vast wildlife that calls the island their home – especially the famed Komodo dragons. Start off your morning with a refreshing Pilates session, then submerge yourself in the underwater sites that Northern Rinca has to offer.

On the next few days on deck, expect nothing but the best. At the Gili Lawa Islands, you won’t ever run out of things to do. The Gili Lawa Darat trek promises the best views of the stunning vistas, with Komodo National Park peering at the distance. If you’d rather be one with the ocean, Padar Island is home some of the remarkable diving and snorkelling sites.

No matter which itinerary you choose, you are definitely going home from your wellness retreat completely recharged and renewed.

About Amy Buck

The brain behind this experience is none other than Founder, Amy Buck, who has 20 years of pilates experience under her belt and is also an avid traveller. Being passionate about fitness and travel, she thought of bringing both together to make the perfect union for wellness travel.

Pilates on deck with Align Holistic Fitness

By incorporating luxury with fitness, Align Holistic Fitness promises nothing but the most enriching wellness experience yet. Bask in the splendour that the Indonesian archipelago has to offer while immersing yourself in the ultimate fitness affair!

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