Adventure Marathons

With a proliferation of marathons and themed runs worldwide, there seems to be a trend that combines scenic travel with a love of the race. These are just a small selection of adventure marathons around the world that combine cultural aspects and challenging runs.



Date: 3 June 2018

Distance: Half Marathon

Route: The route starts just south of the quaint village of Woodstock at the Suicide Six Ski Area, and makes its way through the town and over the famous Woodstock Middle Bridge which was built in 1969. The race then rolls through open farmland along the Ottauquechee river through Quechee town, ending at at Deweys Pond. The route is paved throughout the course, offering an easy run with minimum elevation for competitors.

Sights: Along the run you will see Vermont’s scenic, pastoral beauty and its famed covered bridges, including Woodstock Middlebridge, Taftsville Covered Bridge, and Quechee Covered Bridge.



Date: 12 November 2017

Distance: 5km Road Race, 10km Road Race, Full Marathon

Route: The race starts in the town of Marathon and ends in the Panathenaic Stadium. Along the way, runners are face with slight hill climbs as well as downhill sections, passing through the cities/ districts of Nea Makri, Rafina, Pikermi, Pallini and many more before ending up in Athens.

Sights: Along this historic route, you’ll pass the Marathon Tomb, Athens Music Hall and the Park of Liberty. The 10km and 5km fun run participants have more historical sights along their route, including the Temple of Zeus, Acropolis, Lycabettus hill and Syntagma. The race ends in the famous Panathenaic Stadium, where you’ll run through the same areas the ancient Greeks once held their athletic events αυτή η ανάρτηση στον ιστότοπο .



Date: 4-12 August 2017

Distance: Full Marathon

Route: This marathon is a 9-day adventure run, where each day features a different course leading up to the main marathon. The Full Marathon begins at an elevation of 2,636m, increasing to 4,206m as you climb up and down cobblestone pathways and dirt roads of the Andes mountains. Hiking this route normally takes 3 days; you will complete it in 1.

Sights: The marathon traverses the Andes mountains, affording exceptional views throughout the whole run. The highlight is at the end of the run at the ruins of Machu Picchu. Along the way, you’ll pass other historical sites such as Phuyupatamarca, Sayacmarca fortress, and the Runkurakay watchtower ruins.



Date: 23 June 2018

Distance: Full Marathon, Half Marathon

Route: This route through the Entabeni Safari Conservancy (Limpopo) begins on red dirt with a few small hills to combat. The challenge begins at the Yellow Wood Valley with its extremely steep (paved concrete) 3km downhill; then the road turns to sand for 9km (2km for Half Marathon). The loop brings you back to the Yellow Wood Valley, this time with an uphill climb. Half marathoners return to the valley to the finish line, whilst the marathoners take an extra detour, ending in a hilly section with large rocks and stones.

Sights: You will be running alongside zebras, giraffes, antelopes, buffalo and through lion country. If that doesn’t satisfy you, then the vast African landscape should, as you run between dry savannas and lush greenery.



Date: 19 May 2018

Distance: Fun Run (8.5km), Half Marathon (21.1km), Full Marathon (42.194km)

Route: The race begins at the Yin and Yang Square in the old Huangyaguan fortress, near Tianjin city. The run begins as an 8km loop around the square, covering 3km of the Wall, before reaching the villages of Duanzhuang and Xiaying across the river. After Xiaying township is another circular route through farmland and villages which brings you back at Duanzhuang after 26km, where half-marathon runners finish back at Huangyaguan fortress. Full Marathon runners face the Great Wall for a second time, completing the 8km route again before the finish line.

Sights: You’ll be running partly on the historic Great Wall, as well as through villages in rural China.



Date: 6 August 2017

Distance: 3km Family Run, Road Race (10.5km), Half Marathon, Full Marathon

Route: The running route begins in the central sanctuary of Angkor Wat, where it splits up for the 4 different races. The Full Marathon takes a large detour away from the historical sites at the beginning of the race with the first 20km passing a couple of temples, while the Half Marathon takes a similar path, passing a number of temples at the 10km mark. The Road Race (10.5km) is a return run from Angkor Wat to Angkor Thom, and the Family Fun Run takes place entirely on the outskirts of Angkor Wat.

Sights: Participants will be running past a number of historical temples such as Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Sras Srang Lake, Ta Prohm and many more.



Date: 11-14 August 2017

Distance: The Namatjira (short course) 11km-30km, The Malbunka (long course) 20km-45km Route: This is a 4-day, 4-stage trail run across the Larapinta Trail in Northern Territory’s Outback. Both courses have 4 stages, starting from Alice Springs and ending at Glen Helen Homestead, following different courses of different lengths in Rapid Ascent style. These undulating trails involve rough but scenic ascents and descents on sandy and rocky terrain, made especially tough by the harsh and unshaded environment.

Sights: Both routes offer scenic views of the famous Australian outback, passing scenic areas of the MacDonnell Ranges such as Simpsons Gap, Fish Hole Gorge and Ormiston Gorge, to name a few.

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