A Visit to Machu Picchu Now has an Added Step

Ever dreamt of exploring the majestic ancient Incan sanctuary known to the world as Machu Picchu? A visit to the UNESCO world heritage site has now gotten slightly more difficult.

From the 1st of January 2019, travellers would now have to acquire a timed ticket prior to their journey to the legendary citadel. Visitors without a valid pass would not be allowed entry into the famed attraction.

Entry times run strictly hourly from 6am through 2pm local time. Ticket holders can only enter the site during their allocated entry time, and have only 1 hour from their given time to explore the point of interest.

Consequently, some tips for visitors planning a trip to the Peruvian attraction. First, arrive on time to make your visit fulfilling and worthwhile. Once inside, be prepared to move a little faster to cover more of the marvellous sights. And of course, do add a few more neighbouring attractions to your itinerary, given that you would not be spending a lot of time at the treasured estate.

The new rules are part of efforts by local officials to conserve the historical site. With millions of tourists heading to the ancient ruins a year, there are serious concerns about the attraction’s susceptibility to the damage of overcrowding. There is also hope that the new regulation would curb long queues at the entrance.

With a much smaller crowd per visit, and the world wonder being less vulnerable to deterioration, the added hassle is hopefully, worthwhile.

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