A Stone’s Throw Away

Travelling for the weekend has never seemed so near

With numerous amounts long weekend holidays, spending it somewhere near the city can get very dull and tiring. With only a weekend to get away the hectic and fast-paced lifestyle, a short escape to some of Southeast Asia’s most beautiful places would be just the right thing to calm and re-energise one’s overworked mind, body and soul.



From its vast natural beauty to the pristine waters surfers call paradise, Bali is no stranger to those looking for a short trip that has nature and urban adventure. Charming visitors with its dramatic sceneries and colourful culture, there is definitely find something for everyone in Bali. With a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary, the busy streets of Bali is lined with modernised shops and religious temples that compliment one another. 

Lets not forget about the islands food scene. Get your hands on some mouth-watering Nasi Campur and refresh yourself by the beach with a coconut in hand.



one of the closest islands to Singapore, Bintan is the perfect island getaway for family, friends and even those who would rather spend the weekend alone. About an hour away from Singapore, resorts and hotels in Bintan allows you to do fun activities such as eco-tours and various water-sports or do absolutely nothing while you lay by the white sand beach. 

Getting there

There are three ferry operators that depart from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal. The ferry ride estimates about 50 minutes to an hour from Singapore to Bintan. Best to arrange a pick-up from Bandar Bentan Telani with your resort or hotel to make travelling to your accommodations much more smoother and stress free.


Tioman Island

One of Malaysia’s best kept secret, Tioman Island is packed with things to do and discover. The island is a paradise of white sand beaches and dive sites for the water enthusiasts. The waters surrounding the island is ideal to not only discover some of Malaysia’s underwater world, but it is also one of the best place to earn a divers certification.

If you aren’t up for a little diving into the sea, maybe diving into the lush green forests would do the trick. One of the island’s main attraction, Asah waterfalls, can be reached by trekking through the jungle starting from the village of Mukut of Asah. 

Did you know?

Tioman Island was chosen to be the filming location for the late 50’s movie ‘South Pacific’ thanks to its white sand beaches and pristine waters!  


Cameron Highlands

Situated in the hilly region at the westernmost part of the Pahang state, Cameron Highlands offers a serene getaway fit for the entire family. Take your time and have a cup of tea at the tea plantations, pluck some fresh strawberries and stroll along the many orchards and gardens. 

If you are not a fan of the heat, Cameron Highlands is the place for you. The climate never gets too hot, allowing strawberries to grow all year round. If sipping tea and picking strawberries isn’t your thing, you can also try out hiking Cameron Highlands’ Mossy Forest. Hike along its lush green vegetation while being blanketed by cooling air and mist. 



Whether you’re looking for a food trip, an adventurous getaway, or simply to relax by the beach, Krabi has it all laid out for you. The fast-becoming tourist destination is filled with activities such as kayaking and paddle boarding, and it also has a variety of artisan cafes and restaurants. 

One of the most famous destination on the island is Railay beaches and caves. Despite being connected to the mainland, Railay seems to be worlds away. Having maintained its natural beauty for so long, Railay beach offers more that white sands and pristine waters. Limestone caves, cliffs and even hidden lagoons inside the cliffs are open to those who wish to explore. 


Koh Samui 

Thailand’s largest island, Koh Samui rests in the Gulf off the eastern coast of Thailand. Known for its beaches and rainforests, the island is fringed with palm trees and is surrounded with small islands available for you to explore. 

Go on an island hopping tour, from the island of Koh Phangan to Koh Tao, each island holds their own charm. If chilling by the turquoise beach isn’t the right fit for you, there are several cafes, restaurants and bars that are lit up during both day and night. 

Getting There

Flights to Koh Samui takes about an hour and 50 minutes, with direct departures from Singapore via Singapore Airline or Bangkok Airways.

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