A Look at Hong Kong’s Famous Photo Spots

The rise of social media, especially the emergence of photo sharing app Instagram, used by over 400 million active users worldwide, has brought Hong Kong’s bustling cityscape to youthful attention.

Choi Hung Estate

Photo by Eugene Lim

Perhaps the photo that comes to mind when you think of the two keywords – Hong Kong and Instagram. This photogenic estate attracts smartphone-wielding tourists with a dazzling array of colours splashed onto the residential buildings.

Quarry Bay – Monster Building  

Photo by Sakaori

Another popular tourist attraction and photo spot. The densely packed and stacked houses make for unique architectural viewing. Featured in the hit movies Ghost in the Shell and Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Lok Wah Estate

Rows and rows of pillars with a circular hole in the middle create an eye-opening visual imagery.

Nam Shan Estate Playground

Photo by Eugene Lim

A stunning urban backdrop with a symmetrical playground arch.

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