A Great Australian Road Trip

Hit up some of Victoria’s scenic routes

Visiting cities can get a little tiring. With all the hustle and bustle of cities that barely sleep, going towards the countryside for a day or two can offer so much more than just rejuvenation. Whether it be having a glass of Merlot, driving down one of the world’s most scenic routes or even just sitting by the beach watching the sunset, a short drive from Melbourne will introduce you to some of Victoria’s best short stays and day trips. 


Mornington Peninsula

An hour away from Melbourne, Mornington is a breath of fresh sea air. With an array of local cuisines and gourmet delights, abundant ocean views and seaside towns, and rich wineries. Mornington Peninsula marries both European coastal living and the Australian traditional allure. 

If you’re after the feeling of relaxing by the beach and still have access to dive into action and be one with the marine life, Mornington Peninsula is the place for you. Here you can go down under… the sea, scuba diving tours and packages are available throughout the beach stretch and if lady luck is by your side, you might even get a chance to swim with dolphins. 

Apart from swimming and discovering the underwater world, you can try out the several local eateries and vineyards in the area. Mornington Peninsula is known for its food and wine tours. Foodies will be introduced to local elements such as locally grown truffle, that are in season in June and July, and renowned local wineries and breweries. 


The Great Ocean Road

One of the must-do road-trips in Australia is the Great Ocean Road, and no its not just about driving non-stop. Not only will you get to drive by an iconic scenic route, stopping by a few places will be just as rewarding. 

The 243-kilometre road doesn’t leave roadtrippers empty throughout. One of the famous stops is Bells Beach in Torquay. If you were hoping to catch some waves during your trip, Bells Beach is the place to be. A paradise for surfers, snorkelers and even skydivers, Bells Beach is packed with activities. If you have no knowledge in surfing, you can get your hands dirty (or wet) by learning how to surf, which will be useful given the fact there will be several other beaches down the road. 

Further down ahead the road, stretch your legs at the Great Otway National Park. The park covers a large part of the Great Ocean Road and is home to rainforests, waterfalls, beaches and coastlines. With the park being 103,200 hectares, your legs should be well stretched before you head back to the road. 


The Grampians

A three-hour drive from Melbourne, The Grampians is a place for all adventure buffs and for those who wish to be closer to nature. The Grampians has an array of scenic landscapes, surreal lookouts, and native wildlife that will immerse you into the Australian environment. 

 A Grampians trip wouldn’t be complete without walking through the Grampians National Park. Bask in the waterfalls, wildflowers, rock formations and the stunning overall view of the parks ranges. The Grampians National Park is home to at least 900 native plant species and 200 species of animals, some might not even be found anywhere else in the world. 

Let’s not forget the alluring Mackenzie Falls, one of the largest and most spectacular waterfalls in the Grampians. Mackenzie Falls is not only a tranquil attraction, but you can also have a picnic with your friends and family around the falls’ grounds.  

Fun Fact

On a clear night and if the conditions are good, the Milky Way can be spotted in the Grampians. So if you’re staying the night in the area, ask some locals the best place to spot the cosmic formation and snap a shot.


Phillip Island

Travelling with family? Head down south to Phillip Island for a variety of attractions ideal for both children and adults. Have a picnic by the beach or visit the Churchill Island Heritage Farm to enjoy wagon rides and even try out cow milking. 

Get up close with some koalas at the Koala Conservation Centre, while they hang around their natural habitat. One of the most popular sights on the island is the Penguin Parade in Summerland beach and watch penguins waddle back to shore after a day of fishing.

Don’t miss out on the scenic gems at the cliff-top boardwalks at the Nobbies, and watch the sunset and watch over seals and Seal Rocks. Woolamai beach, the highest point in Phillip Island, is also a great place to sit back and relax with the family. In Woolamai beach, you can have stroll to the Pinnacles and the Cape Woolamai Lighthouse.

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