8 Things To Do in Singapore for Adventure Seekers

One would think that there wouldn’t be anything to do in Singapore besides sightsee and feast on a wide variety of local cuisine. But that’s where you are wrong. In fact, Singapore also has its wild side. Here are 8 things to do in the Lion City for adventure seekers!


AJ Hackett Singapore, Sentosa 

Photo from AJ Hackett Singapore

Standing at 50 metres above the ground, AJ Hackett Sentosa’s Bungy Tower is the first of its kind in Singapore and is the country’s latest thrill attraction. Perfect for adrenaline junkies, the main attraction here is clearly the sky-rocketing high bungy tower where visitors will be jumping off from. To paint a picture in your head of just how high the tower is, it’s equivalent to a 17-storey building! Trained instructors will assist you throughout the entire process, making sure that you’re safe and all set to take that leap of faith!


G-Max Reverse Bungy Singapore, Clarke Quay

Photo from G-Max Reverse Bungy Singapore

If bungee jumping isn’t as exciting for you and you want to take the adrenaline to the next level, how about bungee jumping in reverse? The G-Max Reverse Bungy in Clarke Quay is literally what its name is – a reverse bungee jump. Instead of jumping from a high point way above the ground, the G-Max experience catapults you up to almost 60 metres into the air at a whopping speed of 200 kilometres per hour! Think you’re up for it?


iFly Singapore, Sentosa 

Ever wanted to try skydiving but are afraid of jumping off an aeroplane – diving straight into the open-air hundreds of metres above the ground? Then iFly is perfect for you. This indoor skydiving adventure simulates what a 10,000 free fall would feel like, but in a far more safe environment. The five-storey high indoor wind tunnel for indoor skydiving is the world’s largest, making you feel like you’re one with the clouds.


Wavehouse, Sentosa 

Photo from Klook Singapore

Sadly, Singapore isn’t blessed with natural sandy, white beaches and beautiful giant waves that surfers are constantly longing for. But did you know that you can still surf in the Lion City? Located in sunny Siloso Beach, head on over to Wavehouse in Sentosa to kickstart your exciting indoor surfing experience! It is perfect for both experienced veterans and beginners with zero experience. If you have never tried your hand at surfing, fret not as there will be guides to assist you as you ride the waves.


KF1 Karting, Kranji 

Photo from 9tro Alliance

Ever watched a Formula One race and wished you were Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel for a day? Well, now you can – at the KF1 Karting Circuit! This race circuit is perfect for karting enthusiasts and beginners alike. This is one of Singapore’s proudest race tracks as it was designed by none other than world-famous Formula One circuit designer, Hermann Tilke. Now, who’s ready for a ride?


Wakeboarding, Singapore Wave Park

Photo from Singapore Wake Park

Located at East Coast Park, the Singapore Wave Park is Singapore’s first cable-ski park that provides cable wakeboarding lessons. The sport of wakeboarding is similar to surfing but has its own charm and distinct characteristics. For instance, one main difference is that wakeboarders are towed behind a motor board across the water, giving one the illusion that they are actually surfing.


Forest Adventure, Bedok Reservoir 

Photo from Shape Singapore

If walking on tight ropes and swinging from treetops is something you’d enjoy, then you should definitely head down to the Bedok Reservoir. Forest Adventure is Singapore’s first and only treetop obstacle course. With over 30 challenging obstacles to tackle, this makes for the perfect adventure activity to do with friends! Something else that you might want to try here is the 300-metre zip line that flies over the water!


Diving and Snorkelling at Pulau Hantu 

Photo from Gill Divers Singapore

Contrary to popular belief, there are actually several offshore islands surrounding Singapore. This makes for the perfect short getaway from the urban landscape that we’re so used to. But did you know you don’t have to leave Singapore to try underwater diving? Look no further because Pulau Hantu is where it’s at. Pulau Hantu is home to a rich reef system and is called a ‘macro diving spot’ as it is home to incredibly tiny creatures – a sight not to be missed. 

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