5 Places You Simply Cannot Miss While in Bohol

Situated in the Visayas region, Philippines, Bohol boasts majestic sights, picturesque beaches and diverse wildlife. Here are 5 places you have to visit in Bohol.

1. The Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate Hills are probably the most popular destination in all of Bohol. Close to 1700 symmetrical hills varnish the vast landscape, making it a sight to behold. Luscious green during the wet season, the UNESCO World Heritage Site turn chocolate brown during the dry season, hence the name “Chocolate Hills”. Head to the Chocolate Hills Complex for some of the best sceneries you will see in Bohol.

2. Hanging Bridge

Dangling over the Sipatan River, the bamboo bridge catches the eye with its delicate construction. Its fragile appearance and frequent up and down vibrations might dishearten some, but do not fret, the bridge is perfectly safe to cross! Once supported by bamboo and rope, steel links now reinforce the 40m long suspension. Flanked with abundant flora with an emerald green river down under, the platform offers breathtaking views. Located in the town of Sevilla, there is an admission fee of P10.

3. Baclayon Church

The church, also known as The Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary Parish Church, was founded in 1596, and is the oldest Christian settlement in Bohol. The main structure was constructed from coral grey stone in 1717, and stands till today, with the aid of various refurbishments throughout the years. Declared a National Cultural Treasure, the mysterious and curious-looking building would call for an interesting visit. History buffs would certainly want to visit the museum just next to the church. Once a convent, the museum now houses relics that date back to the 1500s.

4. Tarsier Sanctuary

If you love animals, this is the one for you. Tarsiers are an endangered species that resemble monkeys and boast humongous eyes. The sanctuary allows visitors to roam in the vast forest and observe the tarsiers in action in their own habitat. Cute and adorable, visitors would enjoy the company of the rare primates. Just 14 kilometres and a short drive from Tagbilaran city, visitors have to pay P60 to enter the sanctuary. 

5. Panglao Island

Crossing a bridge from Bohol brings you to Panglao Island, where you will be greeted with stunning white sand and sparkling clear waters. Once here, there is so much to see and explore. The area boasts magnificent coral reefs and stunning marine life, making it an ideal spot to snorkel or dive. Those seeking a relaxing day under the sun would embrace the serene and scenic beaches. Fancy a chill night out? Restaurants and bars dot the island, where you can get a cocktail under the romantic moonlight. Panglao Island is perfect for everyone and anyone.

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