5 Amazing Places to see Lavender Fields

We all know the famed lavender fields of Provence, France! Rows upon rows of burgeoning flowers make up acres, releasing the most calming scent. A paradise for flower lovers, these fields are always filled with tourists hoping to get the perfect shot or simply enjoy a picnic, surrounded by beauty. However, do not simply limit yourself to one location! Lavender fields can be found across the globe in the different continents. In this feature, we will travel around the globe to view 5 amazing places to see lavender fields.


1. Tasmania, Australia 



Let’s start down under in the beautiful country of Australia. With the perfect climate and soil conditions for lavender to bloom, Tasmania transformed into the land of thriving purples. One of the most famous estates, Bridestowe Lavender Estate, is home to 206 acres of blooming flowers. The ideal time to catch the fields explode into a brilliant shade of purple is between December and February!


2. Hokkaido, Japan 



Between late June and early August, Farm Tomita erupts into a cacophony of colours! This farm is home to some of the most beautiful acres of lavender but that is not its only appeal. Shades of purple give way to red, yellows and even pink as the farm is home to many plant varieties. If you are planing to visit Hokkaido, set aside some time to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. 


3. Banstead, England


Lavender fields

photo credits: Kemal ATLI


Less than 15 miles from Central London, step away from reality and wonder into a sea of lavender between June and late August. Mayfield Lavender is London’s very own organic lavender farm. While picnics are not allowed in the lavender fields, be sure to visit their cafe to try out unique lavender-flavoured items. 


4. Cunha, São Paulo, Brazil


Lavender fields


Open until sunset, the Lavandario Field of Cunha is situated on a mountainous region. While we are all acquainted with what a lavender field looks like in the day, the lavender fields of Brazil offer a more breathtaking sight when the sun dips low in the evening. Enjoy watching day turn into night as you lounge in the midst of the lavender’s calming fragrance.


5. Kent, Great Britain


Lavender fields

photo credits: Oast House Archive


Tucked away and hidden from the world – Castle Lavender Farm. It is the largest lavender farm in the UK but remains relatively unknown, cast under the shadow of Provence. The family-owned farm began planting lavender just 20 years ago and since then gained popularity for their beautiful rows of purple hues. The lavender fields bloom between late June and late August. If you are in the region and happened to miss the lavender season, the farm also offers visitors a chance to pick their own apples and pumpkins! 


Word of caution: Always be a respectful traveller! Find out whether farms permit picnics, flower picking and other activities before visiting. Be mindful of the space and ensure that you take your trash away with you as well. 

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