4 Travel Apps to Download Today!

Dreaming about your next destination but don’t know where to begin? From tracking flight prices to packing, going on a trip can be slightly tricky when you don’t have a clue about where to snag the best deals and which socks are more appropriate for wintery Australia. From crafting packing lists to currency conversion and tracking flight prices, we bring to you 4 travel apps that will have your backs! Get ready to jet off to your next holiday feeling just a little more relaxed.


1) YouTrip


credits to YouTrip


Designed for the avid traveller, YouTrip helps solve the ever-present problem of trying to secure the best exchange rates by securing them for you! Reduce the work you have to do overseas through this simple app. YouTrip acts as a cashless travel wallet that comes with a prepaid Mastercard®. It was crafted for travellers to pay overseas across 150 currencies, without the issue of bearing fees. Simply download the application on your Android or iOS, key in your details and wait for your card to arrive within 7-12 business days. After which, top up your card balance through the app as and when you need to spend.


2) Trabee Pocket


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How then do you keep track of your expenditure? Try Trabee Pocket! It is a hassle-free way to track expenditure. Within the app, organise your trip budget, customise categories for your expenditure and just enter the amounts you are spending through out the day in the currency of your choice. The app will track your daily expenditure and tabulate the running cost of your trip to keep you aware of your spending patterns in a neat report. Furthermore, you can convert it to the currency of your own country to be updated in a more familiar way. Available on both iOS and Android, the basic version of the app is free while the full version costs $1.99.


3)  Packing Pro


credits to Packing Pro


For someone who usually packs beyond the baggage allowance, Packing Pro comes in incredibly handy. It quickens and neatens the process of packing for a trip by preparing a packing list for you. Simply key in details of the trip such as the destination, expected weather and duration of travel. The app will generate a packing list of essential items, segregated into neat categories so that you will never be left without a pair of gloves in the middle of winter again! Furthermore, with a to-do list prepared prior to the trip, this app will ensure that you will reach the airport confident about your passport being in the carry-on bag. It is available on both Android and iOS.


4)  Kayak


credits to Kayak


Kayak comes through as one of the best apps to have on hand when you are heading to a brand new location. This app equips travellers with the best flight, hotel and car rental deals for your destination country. Enjoy being able to snag amazing deals from the comfort of your seat without having to comb through websites. Want to explore Iceland but are on a tight budget? Kayak has your back. Want additional information about a city? Kayak offers travel guides that gives insights into various locations around the world. The app is free for download on both iOS and Android.

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