You Have to Try These Food in Okinawa!

The Japanese tropical adventure cove that is Okinawa boasts brilliant beaches and otherworldly underwater exploratory opportunities.


But no trip to the paradise is complete without stimulating your tastebuds with the delectable delicacies on offer.


This is a list of food you simply cannot miss out on!






This braised pork belly is soft and tender, so much so that it melts in your mouth. Meat lovers simply cannot pass on this local favourite!



Okinawa Soba



When in Okinawa, do what the…… have a bowl of Okinawa soba! When the bowl is served you might be surprised since the noodles look more like the traditional offering of udon rather than the usual soba. Typically served with meat and a sprinkle of seaweed, and the soup resembling a ramen soup base.



Orion Beer


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Try some locally brewed draft beer. Easily found in the local convenience stores and restaurants. Clean, mild and fresh, perfect with a meal, or at the beachside.



Goya Champuru


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This dish is a combination of goya (bitter melon), egg, tofu, vegetables and luncheon meat. Well, it does not taste too delicious, but when you try it you will be utterly surprised. Modelled to perfection over the years, the ingredients actually go well with each other.


Umi Budo


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These are sea grapes that are almost similar to the more familiar seaweed. Usually eaten with soy sauce and vinegar. It is commonly found in souvenir stores or market stalls, making it ideal for a gift to bring home. Being rich in minerals, it is believed to possess certain health qualities.



Santa Andangi


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Who doesn’t love a good doughnut? This Okinawan deep-fried doughnut is the ideal snack, with the crust crispy and the insides flavourful. Comes in various offerings, including sweet potato, brown sugar, red bean and sugar.








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